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DJ SMALLCOCK | YINYUE | CD | dualpLOVER | Australia | 2000


beautiful love interest vivi from a brisbane internet cafe to beijing on the verge of y2k. during the excursion, the 28 year old (who admits to living in a van down by the river, most likely) wanders the city in search of vivi, recording nine hours of beijing radio with his handheld cassette recorder. and after the new year breaks , he whittles the cacophonous mess down in one sitting, using nothing but the pause button to more than 55 minutes of dreamy sonic epilepsy. the resulting record yinyue, is a barrage of what you might expect: wildly distorted chinese ramblings, breif encounters with actual songs, blips, jerks of static and ephemeral respites of silence packed into 16 nameless tracks that each clock in at 3:33 (sans the final track, which mysteriously calls it quits at 3:28). smallcock has self's matt mahaffey who uses nothing but toy instruments to make gizmodgery (spongebath) beat in eccentricity, but mahaffey's still got him licked in the listenability department. then again, the good dj has vivi.

dylan p gadino - CMJ

one of the strangest albums in the history of recorded music.

australian producer lucas abela taped nine hours of random beijing radio stations and then edited the material with his tape-recorder pause button. the results make negativland and the tape beatles sound like tin pan alley composers. consisting of 16 tracks that all run for 3:33, yinyue could be used by governments to force confessions from spies. staccato bursts of radio-dial scanning, nanoseconds of pop songs, disembodied phonemes, static, slurred voices, motor hum - all this detritus is julienned into an absurd sound collage that will surely drive you crazy (luckily, i'm already insane, so yinyue's effect on me was pleasurable). it takes real balls to call yourself smallcock, and while he may be taking the piss, this crackpot has executed one of the most obnoxious (in the best sense) recordings ever.

dave segal - Alternative Press

nine hours of radio transmissions in beijing were sliced down to this ear-blistering set of tracks that mostly consists of jumping from station to station as quickly as possible. as a result, it's mostly mego or v/vm style audio scree and the moments where a station is left on for more than a second aint zeppelin or country music either. the process smallcock utilized for this assault might be the most interesting thing about it, he whittled away eight hours of sound using only the pause button of a tape recorder no other electronics involved.

-SP - Groover Magazine

WOW. australian cut-up IDM madness that makes kid 606 sound coherent. trouble is, dj smallcock too often confuses static and noise blurts with music, which isn't to say this extremely challenging listen is not without merit, only that you can't tell one track of noise from the next, and if you can, you've got too much time on your hands. with a name like smallcock, there's obviously some self-deprecating humour going on here, and fans of IDM oddities will appreciate this effort from the land down under, even if they may not be quite able to enjoy it.

hobey echlin - Mixer Magazine

dj smallcock is so modest. who's he tryin to kid? it's plain to anyone who's heard yinyue, his cd of cut up, spliced and eviscerated chicken guts that the guy's a hog! shit he packs enough horse meat here to feed alla witcyst, cosk esp, evil moisture, aube an' every pierced, pink-skinned dipshit with a scottish return address. who'da thought?