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Compact Discs.:Please remember to provide your masters on clearly labeled CDR audio discs. Your replicated discs will be exact clones of what you provide so please note that if you provide us with raw .aiff or .wav files on your master disc you will receive back cd-rom's with raw .aiff or .wav files. As standard practice we never check production masters and assume that for replication purposes you want exact clones of what you provide. So unless you want a CD-ROM make sure your masters are burnt as CDR audio discs. Also note that CDr masters do have a failure rate of about 10% these burning errors are easily recognised at the start of the glass mastering process and if your disc dose have any reading errors it will be rejected for replication (which is why we ask for a safety master). We strongly recommend burning your masters at the slowest possible speed using a trusted brand of CDr. For replication purposes a compact disc can hold up to 78 minutes and 29 seconds.
Paper parts:Our paper parts for standard jewel cases and j-cards are printed on a 150gsm gloss stock, if a different stock is required please let us know, all variations from the standard stock need to be quoted on a job by job basis understanding that their will be a substantial increase in price as the following prices are only possible due to the bulk purchasing of gloss 150gsm stock.

Jewel Cases:check the link in the menu above or contact us for a price.

For templates please see the artwork page. Or for more examples of recent work please see cardboard robot creative which is still me doing the same thing

All prices include GST, for freight prices please get in contact.


500 1000 2000
12cm CD (5") per unit 0.94 0.72 0.61
total $467.50 $715 $1210
CD inserted into clear plastic sleeve per unit 1.05 0.83 0.72
total $522.50 $825 $1430
CD inserted into paper sleeve with clear circular window per unit 1.05 0.83 0.72
total $522.50 $825 $1430
CD, 5" Cardboard Wallet, Assembled. per unit 1.38 1.10 0.94
total $687.50 $1100 $1870



  500 1000 2000
2 page booklet and tray card per unit 0.36 0.26 0.23
total $181 $264 $462
4 page booklet and tray card per unit 0.40 0.33 0.26
total $198 $330 $528
6 page booklet and tray card per unit 0.42 0.36 0.28
total $209 $363 $550
8 page booklet and tray card or 8 panel poster foldout. per unit 0.52 0.45 0.31
total $260 $451 $616
12 page booklet and tray card per unit 0.57 0.48 0.36
total $286 $484 $726
16 page booklet and tray card per unit 0.64 0.53 0.43
total $319 $528 $858
20 page booklet and tray card per unit 0.73 0.56 0.43
total $363 $561 $858
24 page booklet and tray card per unit 0.77 0.61 0.47
total $385 $605 $946