Lucas 'Granpa' Abela
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“makes terrible, beautiful music” - Duncan Geere, wired.

“loud, ingenious and unbelievably satisfying to play” - Gail Priest, REALTIME.

“a certifiably bonkers piece of interactive art with a strong sense of creative freedom and childlike zeal” - Lauren Carroll Harris, Concrete Playground.

Temple Of Din in action in Paris at the Do D!STURB festival in the Palais de Tokyo.

The Temple Of Din is the collective name for Lucas Abela's pinball / instrument hybrids, which together form an audio arcade where sound generation not scoring are the games mian objectives. Sonically it produces a cacophonous atmosphere reminiscent of eighties arcade culture where the reverberating screams of multiple amusement machines housed together in a small concrete spaces created a comforting din for those worshiping inside.

By appropriating arcade formats for these participatory sound installations Abela taps into an affinity people have with these much loved amusements. As an interface they contain a certain level of intuitiveness, once at the controls audiences have an innate understanding for the language of the games, instinctively knowing what’s expected from them, a palpability that gives the work instant immediacy. By harnessing this affinity the experiences created are tangible, fun & layered with purposeful goals that go beyond mere interaction, instead requiring focused engagement, challenging the audience beyond the ‘do this and that happens’ passive experiences so common in interactive art.

The temple is currently touring four of these machines; Pinball Pianola; a Frankenstein experiment combining an upright piano & a pinball cabinet with twenty keyboard triggered flippers to shoot balls against the soundboard’s exposed strings, Balls for Cthulhu; a pentagram shaped multiplayer game formed by ten guitars with their fret boards facing inward so the strings take the full brunt of balls jostled by players stationed at the stars five tips, Flip-Off; a pin/foosball hybrid that creates automated breakcore music by triggering Toecutter samples as you play & Pitchfork; which has twenty tuning forks incorporated throughout it’s playfield to aim and shoot for.

balls for cthulhu
Pinball Pianola, MCA Artbar, Sydney

balls for cthulhu
Balls For CThulhu at ISEA, Sydney

balls for cthulhu
Picthfork at Phaeno, Science Center, Wolfsburg


Upcoming Exhibitions

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14 -170917 High Zero Festival, Baltimore
2009 -181017 Eyedrum, Atlanta
107-101217 IRL institute / Art Basel, Miami

Previous Exhibitions.
Gamerz Festival Georgia Marseille, Novemeber 2016
Sonic Protest canary island Paris, April 2016
Ton Ton Club, canary island Amsterdam, March 2016
Cable#9canary island Nantes, Febuary 2016
Les Ateliers Claus / brussels-art-days canada Brussels, September 2015
Phaeno, Science Center, canary island Wolfsburg, May - Sept 2015
Do Disturb / Palais de Tokyo canary island Paris, April 2015
ISEA canary island Sydney January 2013

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