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drowning man

music will be underway from around 1pm and last until evening when we retire for the film program presented by redfern outdoor cinema. currently we definately have at least 3 performance boats but wouldn't be surprised if others show up. this is a gathering festival where all are welcome to perform so if your coming and better yet if you have a craft please do something beyond spectating. i will do my best to endevour to coordinate the entertainment on the day and will let the boats do a round robin style presentation so while one resets andother plays etc all.

stages confirmed so far include.

dualPLOVER's stage,
featuring suicidal rap orgy, TOXIC LIPSTICK, the warm feelings, JUSTICE YELDHAM, nuns turning tricks, hiss, mc purple duck, smallcock.

toecutter's stage,
featuring OVE-NAXX (japan), TOECUTTER + bambi and the bambis, dj rainbow ejaculation, xian, passenger of shit, maladroit.

80% water presents - underwater love songs, swan lake on ice on water. also featuring team red.

redfern outdoor cinema, will be screening films fro us during the evening, these films will be screened on a large cliffface and broadcast to each boat via radio, you are also invited to bring dvd's of any films you'ld like to screen during the night.

the water trampoline, one of the turrella boys has made a floating trampoline and will be towing it to hallets for our personal pleasure.