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drowning man

boat hire.

the more people that get together and share boats the better please post any share requests on dualplover myspace. i've tried to do a little research to help you get started. this list is by no means complete and i advise you to research further, if you find anything not listed here please send me the information so i can include it.


brooklyn seams to me to be the best place to embark from if you have a car and plan to hire a houseboat or take a water taxi, please check that your boat hire company provide you with a place to park for the night.

luxuryafloat house boats - spend the entire weekend out on the hawkesberry on a houseboat, luxury afloat houseboats are available form 1pm friday til 4pm on sunday. they have two sizes available a 33' that sleeps 6 for $1090 ($182 each) or a 45' that sleeps 10 for $1690 ($169 each).

brooklynmarina - house boats between $750 and $2000 available for saturday 9am til sunday 4pm, they also do runabouts "BBQ boats" that seat 12 for $600 form 12.30 til 6.30am.

ripples - 2-4 berth houseboats friday til sunday $850, 4-10 berth houseboats friday til sunday $1600.

holidaysafloat - friday to saturday hire of 2-10 berth houseboats $1545.


thing is about these cheaper options they must be back around five and overnight hire is impossible, we will be having five hours of entertainment before five so still worth the effort.

cottagepointkiosk - 6 people runabouts starting at $90 for 3 hours to $150 for the whole day or tinnies for $60/$120 or if you have the arms for it $40/$80 per day singles or $50/$100 all day doubles, unfortunately the kiosk only offers day hire do you would need to return at 5pm and miss the night portion of the festival.

brooklynmarina - do runabouts "BBQ boats" that seat 12 for $600.

brooklyncentral - cheaper options for runabouts and BBQ boats from $110 to $300 unfortunately day only with 5pm return.


probably the best way to get to drowning man without a boat would be the bus to palm beach then groups in water taxi, please note if you come without a boat you should stay in the water or on the shore unless invited into a boat by it's captain! please do not overload your boats, using the L90 or 190 buses from railway square, timetables to palm beach here and back here. for more bus stuff look here.

water taxi's.

prices listed here are for services from the home port of the water taxi companies, you can of coarse have them come to you anywhere on the hawkesbury system that may be more convenient for you but that will obviously cost more. i recommend calling and booking your trips in and out of hallets ahead of time as prices will rise for night charter. I've only sourced 3 options but there may be more if you so any research please let me know and i'll update this page.

HAWKESBURY RIVER WATER TAXI - Brooklyn, 0400 600111, departing from brooklyn to hallets beach $140 for first 4 people then $15 a head per person up to 17 people. prices change after 7pm $160 for first 4 people then $15 a head per person. book ahead.

i just got this email from justin at hawkesbury water taxis "For on-water events we do special rates, other that the usual rates. We have 3 water taxis that hold 17, 26, and 30 passengers. If you have any questions on departure points and fares please call 0400 600 111 or email us."
Hawkesbury Watertaxis
0400 600 111

BROKEN BAY TIME TAXIS - Brooklyn, ph: 1800 686 864, from brooklyn to hallets Beach starts at $100 for one person to $10 a head for 36 people maximum, bookings estential.

PENINSULA WATER TAXI - Palm Beach, ph: 0415 408 831, from Governor Phillip Park Palm Beach to hallets beach, $80 + $1 per head maximum 9 heads.